Boston Brain

The Day right after the beginning of 2017, I went to Boston! Dad and I looked at several hotels, but magically on we found The Boston Harbor Hotel! Usually for one night my family will stay at a really nice place. And sure the Harbor Hotel was nice place, it had an indoor lap pool, a super large hot tub , and a spa! On our first day there, we went to a American Girl and got my dolls hair done and some fresh outfits. Also we had  lunch at American Girl, and I had a Root Beer Float! The next day, the day before I went back to school we went to the Boston Children’s Museum. I climbed all over the equipment and got to see the hundred year old Japanese House, imported from Tokyo. My favorite exhibit was the Boston City Museum where you got to pretend to be a market owner, barber, a hairstylist, or any jobs in Boston that were available. That night we went to Scampo,a super fancy Italian restaurant. We had Elephant Ear Bread, and delicious main courses. Overall this was my first visit to Boston, an it was the best.


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