American Girl…

Do you know what an American Girl is? Well I do, I adore American Girls.

Did you know, the first American Girl was made in 1980. Pleasant T. Rowland started American Girl, and it all began with one big dream. Which will go on in the next paragraph. First came out more of the non huggable just to look at dolls, then the more huggable dolls such as, BeForevers, Truly Me’s, and of course the Girls of The Year. For the clothing designers visit museums and read magazines also they might even go to a new place to get inspiration. The logo wasn’t always American Girl … It used to be The Pleasant Company.  The first Girl of The Year was Lindsey Bergman in 2001. She even had her own little working computer. The next few years there was a girl named Niki Fleming, my personal favorite because she was born the year was born. The girl of the year that is current right now is Gabriella. She is beautiful, stylish, and smart like all the other American Girls everywhere. The dream has been living on for almost 30 years. Now when you go to the American Girl store, you’ll know a little more then some other girls.


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