I have just started my 2 weeks at Camp Hazen! So far my second year there has Been great. I just recieved one of the hardest awards called Camper Of The Day which was amazing. I ma in a group called the sharks and a our call to go back to our counselor named J.C is… SHARK ATTACK! Or, he just yells… MY GROUP, HUDDLE UP! Camp Hazen’s are the most fun we even have a water trampoline and a zip line. Also one of my favorites is paddle boarding in Cedar lake. Tommorow there will be another blog entry about the exciting that awaits at Camp Hazen in Chester,Ct.

P.S There’s buried in the
lake! So I will see you next summer!


American Girl…

Do you know what an American Girl is? Well I do, I adore American Girls.

Did you know, the first American Girl was made in 1980. Pleasant T. Rowland started American Girl, and it all began with one big dream. Which will go on in the next paragraph. First came out more of the non huggable just to look at dolls, then the more huggable dolls such as, BeForevers, Truly Me’s, and of course the Girls of The Year. For the clothing designers visit museums and read magazines also they might even go to a new place to get inspiration. The logo wasn’t always American Girl … It used to be The Pleasant Company.  The first Girl of The Year was Lindsey Bergman in 2001. She even had her own little working computer. The next few years there was a girl named Niki Fleming, my personal favorite because she was born the year was born. The girl of the year that is current right now is Gabriella. She is beautiful, stylish, and smart like all the other American Girls everywhere. The dream has been living on for almost 30 years. Now when you go to the American Girl store, you’ll know a little more then some other girls.

Boston Brain

The Day right after the beginning of 2017, I went to Boston! Dad and I looked at several hotels, but magically on we found The Boston Harbor Hotel! Usually for one night my family will stay at a really nice place. And sure the Harbor Hotel was nice place, it had an indoor lap pool, a super large hot tub , and a spa! On our first day there, we went to a American Girl and got my dolls hair done and some fresh outfits. Also we had  lunch at American Girl, and I had a Root Beer Float! The next day, the day before I went back to school we went to the Boston Children’s Museum. I climbed all over the equipment and got to see the hundred year old Japanese House, imported from Tokyo. My favorite exhibit was the Boston City Museum where you got to pretend to be a market owner, barber, a hairstylist, or any jobs in Boston that were available. That night we went to Scampo,a super fancy Italian restaurant. We had Elephant Ear Bread, and delicious main courses. Overall this was my first visit to Boston, an it was the best.

Snowy Day

December 17, 2016 my mom and I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland,  right outside our door. We awoke exactly at 5:00am and could not possibly go back to sleep because off all the excitement. So we decided to go to Starbucks [ our favorite rest stop placed for smoothies and chai tea lattes. Also we went to Flanders Donut Shop [ They have super good donuts!].Then we went home and I played in the snow for a couple ours with my dad, we had a fantastic time out there. My mom watched a show, That was a snowy day.

By: Emma Rose Arelt.


Why Athletes Are Paid Too Much.

Why I think athletes are paid too much is that, other jobs have more value then just playing for the benefit of just playing a sport.

Other jobs such as firemen,police,and ambulance drivers don’t nearly get paid as much as sport stars.

Also there are other things in life that you need to take care of like family,house,life ahead, and things like that.

Some people have to get up early in the morning,and then they have to stay late to just get a portion of the money an athlete gets paid.

Playing sports is very athletic and being healthy is very important,but really you are just playing on a team and really just putting on a show for people.

I believe that some day people will realize that other jobs are just as equal as playing a sport.

By:Emma Rose Arelt


Letter To Mr.Cavalieri

from Emma Rose Arelt  9-23-16

Dear Mr.Cavelieri,

The purpose of this letter is to tell you why I would be a good member of the Mc/Quiz Show group. I have extensive experience performing  on stage with my pageants in front of big crowds of people. I have also done many musical recitals with my violin and piano.

I created the If You Give A Moose A Macaroon story which won magic mailbox.

I hand crafted the polar bear costume I wore for the school biome play. I also work hard to put in my best effort. I completed the summer math packet and reading list.

Thank you,

Emma Rose Arelt